Snow contains nutrients that penetrate into soil good for plants

Snow contains nutrients that penetrate into soil good for plants
Ask a Master Gardener, Published News-Leader, January 19, 2014
Answered by Mark Bernskoetter, Master Garden­er in Greene County

Question: Is it true snow is ben­eficial to the garden? – P. R. in Springfield

Answer: Winter snowfalls help ev­erything green up in the spring.

The University of New Hampshire’s Department of Natural Sciences says snow contains nutrients that penetrate into the soil and do some good for the plants that will grow in that soil later on in the year.

Nutrients include nitro­gen (most prevalent), along with some sulphur and other trace elements. Studies even claim there are more of these nutrients bound up in snow than in the corresponding amount of rain.

Snow is also a slow re­lease moisture source. Rain will soak in for a bit, but then runs off as the ground becomes saturat­ed. Snow sits on the ground and melts slow enough that the moisture has time to soak more deeply and thor­oughly into the soil. Plus, snow acts as mulch over your garden, conserving moisture and providing some winter protection.

The University of Colo­rado in Boulder reported certain organisms get more active under snow and break down plant litter such as leaves and grass clippings, making more of the nutrients from that de­bris available for plant growth in the spring.

You can increase these various benefits by shovel­ing sidewalk and driveway snow to areas of the garden that will eventually benefit from the added moisture and nutrients. Just don’t use shoveled snow that contains any salt or harm­ful chemical de-icers.

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