Pallid Sturgeon—Dinosaur Fish Presentation at the Nature Center Tuesday March 12

Pallid Sturgeon—Dinosaur Fish
Presentation at the Nature Center
Tuesday, March 12, 7-7:45pm

Learn about the pallid sturgeon and its incredible journey from a path of extinction to increasing abundance in Missouri’s large rivers from Missouri Conservation Department Resource Scientist Dave Herzog. In 1992, pallid sturgeons were reared for the first time in captivity at Missouri’s Blind Pony Hatchery. Since then, state and federal hatcheries have produced sturgeons for stocking into rivers where the fish once thrived. Research and management continue to improve our understanding of this endangered fish. Like the bald eagle, the pallid sturgeon is anticipated to be yet another conservation success story.

Ages 15 and up. Registration begins March 1. Call 417-888-4237.

(More information on the Pallid Sturgeon—Dinosaur Fish, here and here

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