In 80 Years, We Lost 93% Of Variety In Our Food Seeds

Fading garden food diversity, a note from Bob K:
Nothing really new but thought you might find of interest.  Shrinking biodiversity.

In 80 Years, We Lost 93% Of Variety In Our Food Seeds
It’s downright scary to see the lack of diversity in the healthiest foods we eat.

Seeds are tricky things. On one hand, we have the whole Omnivore’s Dilemma argument, that industrialized and genetically engineered food is probably bad. And on the other, we have strains of vegetables that can grow four times as much produce on the same plot of land as their heirloom counterparts–a successful, man-dictated genetics that we’ve actually been fueling for millennia.

After all, we wouldn’t have the heirloom seeds of today if our grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather hadn’t saved the seeds from the sweetest watermelons or the most drought-resistant cantaloupes.

Read the rest of this interesting article with an informative National Geographic infographic by John Tomanio. Click here:

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