Sustainability-Plan-2013-2014Friends of the Garden is constantly seeking funds to further our beautiful gardens, expand, maintain and develop programs of interest to the public, However, we did not have a plan in place that directly addressed the desires of the board of directors or that matched our mission statement. While trying to seek funding, it became apparent that foundations, corporations and even individuals required a detailed strategic plan for how we planned to exist and use funding for the next few years. In June of 2012, the Board of Directors listed priorities for our organization: first of all our gardens, secondly, educating the community about nature and lastly being a resource to the community and catering to the needs of the public. The Executive Committee then held a day long study session to turn lists into goals and strategies. The final product, The Sustainability Plan 2013-2014 was brought to the board at the October Board meeting and board members were to identify and commit to areas of the plan where they could make the goals and strategies happen. Our overall goal now is make the Sustainability Plan a living and working document, defining the ways in which we operate and prioritize our volunteer time. If and when holes become apparent in the plan it is our intention to bring in professional training to assist in steering us in the direction to complete our plan.

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